Required documents


Required documents:


1. The original copy of document confirming the consent of entrepreneur to transfer the business entity’s data to the Fund.

2. Information about the investment project of the business entity for loans up to 200 thousand AZN, business plan for loans larger than 200 thousand AZN;

3. Credit report determined in accordance with the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan "On Credit Bureaus";

4. Copy of TIN;

5. Copy of ID

6. Copies of documents on the location or property where the entrepreneur will operate.

7. A copy of the document regarding the preliminary agreement on the purchase of the equipment (with information on the main technical and economic indicators);

8. Copy of the equipment valuation document;

9. A copy of the document confirming the availability of funds in the bank account (or paid to the seller in accordance with the contract) in the amount of the initial payment to the authorized credit organization in the amount of at least 20% of the estimated sales value of the equipment (10% for locally produced equipment) by the business entity.


Note: The originality of the documents is confirmed by the authorized representative of the authorized credit organization with a signature and seal, notary approval is not required.