Mission and vision



The primary goal of the Entrepreneurship Development Fund of the Republic of Azerbaijan is to provide financial support to business entities in Azerbaijan, to achieve the development of cooperation between the government and entrepreneurs and creation of an environment ground on mutual trust through the promotion of the best international practices on improvement of state support mechanisms for the development of entrepreneurship.


Our vision is to become the main financial source for entrepreneurship on preferential terms.


Business oriented – managing activities to meet the needs and satisfaction of entrepreneurs.
Honesty - being responsible in behavior and decision-making, strict adherence to ethical norms.
Impartiality – ensuring impartiality in the duties, encouraging equality in the activities in terms of ethnicity, religion, language, gender, social origin, property and service status, beliefs and other characteristics.
Professionalism – always maintaining a high level of professionalism by applying the knowledge, skills and experience required within our activities.
Transparency - to demonstrate transparency in order to enhance reliability towards the Fund and increase mutual trust.