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Entrepreneurs visited East Zangezur economic district 27.02.2024 / Important events

An event was held on the theme "Investment opportunities created in Zangilan and Jabrayil districts".

Entrepreneurs who are interested in operating in our territories freed from occupation visited Zangilan and Jabrayil districts, which are included in the East Zangezur economic district. As part of the visit, an event was held on "Investment opportunities created in Zangilan and Jabrayil regions".

At the event, the Chairman of the Board of the Entrepreneurship Development Fund, Osman Khaliyev, gave detailed information about the new opportunities created for entrepreneurs and investors, the concessions applied to business subjects who want to implement an investment project in the liberated areas. It was also mentioned about the support of entrepreneurship in these areas with concessional loans given through authorized credit organizations of the Fund.

Within the framework of the event, the guarantee and subsidy mechanism of EDF "Support to entrepreneurs operating in territories freed from occupation" was presented. It was reported that up to 90% of business loans of up to 5 million manats, term up to 7 years, annual interest rate of up to 15% of entrepreneurs operating in the region are guaranteed by the state, and 10% of the annual interest rate of those loans is subsidized by the state for up to 36 months. . In addition, a grace period of up to 36 months is applied, not exceeding half of the loan period.

The entrepreneurs got acquainted with the conditions created in the "Araz Valley Economic Zone" in the village of Agali in Zangila and Jabrayil.

The trip was organized with the support of the special representation of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan in Jabrayil, Gubadli and Zangilan districts, which are part of the Eastern Zangezur economic region, and the organization of the Entrepreneurship Development Fund and Bank Respublika.