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23.07.2020 / Important events
Damage caused by Armenia's shelling to villages of Tovuz and civilians is being evaluated

In connection with the implementation of the Order of President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev "On measures to eliminate damage caused to the civilian population, state property, including infrastructure facilities as a result of the intensive shelling of the Tovuz district of Azerbaijan by the Armenian armed forces”, a Working group consisting of representatives of relevant government agencies and experts has begun assessing the damage caused to the Tovuz region as a result of the Armenian military provocation.

Currently, the condition of the civil population, the state of their property, and public facilities affected by the military aggression in the attacked region is being studied by the specialists, the relevant inspection and examination works are being carried out.

Three groups of the specialists have already inspected 61 private houses and household plots in the districts of Tovuz region - Aghdam, Dondar Gushchu, Alibeyli, Vahidli, Yukhari Oysuzlu and Ashaghi Oysuzlu village. During the inspection, it was determined that 6 houses and ancillary buildings are in a completely unusable condition and require major construction. In addition, 15 houses and ancillary buildings, as well as stables were severely damaged, and 40 houses and households underwent minor damages.

Moreover, as a result of the artillery shelling, serious damage was caused to private households. Thus, 20-25 heads of small cattle, 70-75 heads of poultry were destroyed, 300-350 haystacks collected for the winter were completely burned; personal cars of some citizens were seriously damaged by shell fragments; household items and household plots of the citizens were damaged in 15 houses.

The members of the working group examined state property, including infrastructure facilities.

The amount and value of damage to houses, ancillary buildings, private property and arable land, government property, and infrastructure is currently being assessed. Once the damage is completely determined and assessment is carried out, an Action plan will be developed by the government and proposals on the complete elimination of the consequences of the provocation will be presented to the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Note that the measures on eliminating damage caused by Armenia’s military provocation in the border area of Tovuz region are being promptly implemented. 

The constant presence of the Azerbaijani government next to its citizens is an encouraging factor for the residents of the border region, who live face to face with the enemy and may face hostile provocations at any moment. This once again shows that the human factor is the main direction of state policy in Azerbaijan and our government is always ready to support its citizens and ensure their safety.