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05.06.2018 / Important events
Ilham Aliyev inaugurated Region Agro LLC in Goranboy

President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev has attended the opening of “Region Agropark” in Goranboy district.

Minister of Economy Shahin Mustafayev, Minister of Agriculture Inam Karimov and Director of the Agropark Sanan Gadimov informed the head of state of the work done here.

The Azerbaijani President then met with the staff of the Agropark.

The head of state addressed the meeting.

Speech of President Ilham Aliyev

- I sincerely congratulate you on the opening of the Goranboy agricultural estate. It is a wonderful event. This agricultural estate will play a huge role in strengthening the economic potential of Goranboy district. The state has provided its support once again. As you know, the agricultural estates in Azerbaijan are established by the state. The state always pays attention and provides continuous support for the private sector. The state has implemented major infrastructure projects on this territory which remained unused. Roads, gas, electric and water lines have been extended, irrigation work carried out, and state-of-the-art equipment purchased by the state. Some of this equipment is on display here. It is produced by the world’s leading companies. Over 40 units of machinery have been imported and leased to the agricultural estate by the state.

The state has allocated 35 million manats for the establishment of this agricultural estate. As you may know, the agricultural estate covers an area of 4,700 hectares, and these lands were not used. A great job has been done here now, the private sector has invested money. I am told that the volume of private investments constitutes 30 million manats. This shows that the partnership between the state and the private sector leads to excellent results. Major investments are being made, and they will produce a tremendous effect. Here hundreds of jobs will be created and local production organized here. Many agricultural products will be cultivated here and, I am sure, delivered to the domestic and foreign markets.

In general, the creation of agricultural estates in Azerbaijan has acquired large proportions these days. Four of the envisaged 45 agricultural estates have already been opened: in Yalama, Shamkir, Jalilabad districts and in Goranboy district today. I have personally participated in the opening of all four. This shows once again that the state pays great attention to these issues and supports them. A total of 1.4 billion manats will be invested in the creation of these 45 parks. A part of this money has already been invested. These estates cover 191,000 hectares. Look at how much land remained unused. And now, as a result of the creation of these 45 agricultural estates in the near future, agricultural production will increase significantly. Thus, one of the key tasks facing the country, food security, will be resolved and we will further reduce our dependence on imports.

I have been informed that the yields are also very high. The yield of barley per hectare is 50 quintals. I think that the indicator for wheat should be at least the same as well. The most modern technologies are being applied here, including modern irrigation technologies. Pivot irrigation systems are being installed. The use of these systems will be widely spread in Azerbaijan. To this end, the production of these systems has already been launched in our country in order to reduce dependence on imports and prevent the outflow of currency.

Thus, as a result of the creation and operation of agricultural estates, food security issues will be resolved, additional steps will be taken to reduce unemployment, local production will develop, and our export potential will be enhanced because the produce grown here is exportable. Our country will successfully pursue policies related to agriculture. A lot of attention is being paid to agriculture. Agriculture is one of the priority areas in Azerbaijan. From now on, we will pursue this policy only on the basis of the latest technologies, on a scientific basis.

The establishment of this agricultural estate makes me very happy because we are seeing the real results of our policy. This shows again that we are pursuing a prudent policy. Work related to both industrial and agricultural production, the implementation of infrastructure projects, is at the highest level. The Davos World Economic Forum has recently released a rating related to road infrastructure. According to this rating, Azerbaijan is in first place in the CIS space and 36th in the world in terms of the road infrastructure. Not only the road but also the entire infrastructure is at the highest level in Azerbaijan, including Goranboy District. Look how much work has been done in recent years. Several road projects have been implemented in Goranboy District. Two of them are opening today. In general, as a result of the implementation of these projects, 60 per cent of the district's population is already provided with renovated roads. One road project will be implemented next year. It will link 15 settlements. Therefore, it is possible to say that much of the road infrastructure in Goranboy District will be fully reconstructed. Power lines have been extended, power supply issues have been resolved, two substations have been built in Goranboy region, and we will commission one of them today. Ninety-five per cent of households have been provided with gas. The issue of drinking water supply was resolved four years ago. A drinking water project was commissioned during my last visit here.

Work related to irrigation is at a high level. This agricultural estate will provide irrigation water to 4,700 hectares of land. We are using the potential of an artificial lake created as a result of the construction of the Shamkirchay water reservoir. In Goranboy District, water will be provided to an additional 8,000 hectares and in Samukh District to several thousand hectares of land. So this is the essence and significance of the work we have done in Goranboy District. It is possible to say that infrastructure projects, projects related to social infrastructure have been fully implemented. More than 40 schools have been built and renovated in Goranboy District. The construction of a central district hospital for 130 patients is currently under way, and it should be put into operation before the end of this year. A carpet factory is under construction, and it must also be put into operation before the end of this year. In other words, all this work shows that our country is developing successfully and confidently. All our regions are developing. The concept of integrated development of our regions is at work. Jobs are being created. Let me repeat that the machinery of the world’s leading companies is used in Goranboy and indeed throughout our country. In recent years, we have purchased thousands units of equipment for agriculture, and we will buy more. I want to say again that the establishment of this agricultural estate is a manifestation and an indicator of our successful policy. I congratulate you on this wonderful occasion and wish you success. Thank you.