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HOTLINE:  (+99412) 310-23-00



  1. Telephone information service:
  • Answering phone calls by entrepreneurs (or citizens), keeping records of those calls and directing to relevant structural units according to the relevance of the application, if necessary;
  • Providing information via e-mail or whatsapp messages upon request of the applicant;
  • Receiving video applications.


  1. Raising awareness of entrepreneurs:
  • Mechanism for allocation of soft loans;
  • Required documents;
  • Authorized loan agencies collaborating with the Fund;
  • Priority directions in allocation of soft loans;
  • Explaining requirements of the legislation in entrepreneurship, etc.


  1. Provision of consulting services:
  • Collection of necessary legal, economic and other data;
  • Preparation and evaluation criteria of business plans;
  • Study of the current market opportunities;
  • State-of-the-art technologies applied in various fields of economy;
  • Expanding foreign economic activity, etc.


  1. Other services:
  • Building business relations on the expansion of entrepreneurial activity;
  • Promoting necessary scientific and technical knowledge and innovations;
  • Bringing advance international best practices on projects based on new technologies, etc.